Saturday, 20 March 2010

Class war?

Snide Tories have been screaming from the rooftops for the last few months that Labour has taken a 'lurch to the left' and is resorting to class war tactics in the run up to the General Election.

Shoveling even more shit onto this ridiculous argument, hysterical Tories have denounced the 'Whelanist tendency' that they claim is bankrolling the Labour Party, and effectively buying the British government in an effort to impose some sort of Stalinist agenda.

Quite convenient, then, that as the Lord Cashcroft scandal exposed the corruption within the Tory Party, the campaign against the revolutionary-entryist figure of Charlie Whelan came along to muddy the waters, and steal the headlines.

What we are actually witnessing, is the laying of the ground for a class war of quite a different kind - a reactionary assault on the remainder of the organised working class in this country, with the hope of creating the ultimate neo-liberal wet-dream of a 'flexible' and cheap labour force.

The thought of ordinary, working class people combining together in Trade Unions to defend their interests is totally incompatible with the bold, modernising vision of the neo-liberals. It is inefficient, it is 'stuck in the 70's', and it is downright silly and awful. The thought of these working people and their Trade Union's forming a political party to defend their interests is treason!

A potential Tory government will see it as a priority to destroy the political funds of the Trade Unions, as a precursor to destroying Trade Unionism itself. Millionaire Cameron, and Billionaire Ashcroft, would rather keep politics for them and their chums, instead of having the oiks taking action.

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